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This Day in History
History is full of important events that have helped to shape the world we live in today. From the births of famous and influential people and the effects they've had on history, to the deaths of famous and infamous people; some natural, some accidental and some murder or execution. There are inventions, such as the electric light, the telephone and the radio, that we use every day without thinking about how they came to be. There are forms of transport, such as cars, trains and aircraft, that have made the world seem a smaller place. The physical face of the Earth has gone through constant change brought about by natural events, such as volcanoes and floods; and by human design, with causes such as warfare and industry. Every person and every event has an effect on the world. Some of these key events appear on the pages of this site.

Historic Events in January
January 4, 1853 - After being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Solomon Northup was freed.
January 7, 1927 - The first transatlantic telephone call took place between London, England, and New York City, USA.
January 15, 1967 - The first Super Bowl game was played between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.
January 28,1986 - Shortly after take off from Cape Canaveral, the Challenger space shuttle exploded.

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Historic Events in February
February 7, 1964 - The Beatles arrived at New York’s Kennedy Airport to start their first American tour.
February 11, 1990 - Nelson Mandela was released from the Victor Versa prison, Paarl, South Africa.
February 14, 1929 - On the north side of Chicago, USA, the St. Valentines Massacre took place.
February 16, 1923 - Archaeologist Howard Carter opened the sealed door to Tutankhamun’s tomb, in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

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Historic Events in March
March 1, 1692 - The beginning of the Salem Witch Trials.
March 9,  1796 - Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais in Paris.
March 15, 44BC - Julius Caesar is stabbed to death near the Theatre of Pompey in Rome.
February 21, 1963 - Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, San Francisco, is closed.

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Historic Events in April
April 3, 1860 - The shooting of the outlaw Jesse James.
April 14, 1865 - President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
April 19, 1987 - The first appearance of the animated sitcom 'The Simpsons'
April 23, 2005 - The first ever YouTube video was uploaded

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Historic Events in May

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Historic Events in June

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Historic Events in July

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Historic Events in August

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Historic Events in September
September 1, 1985 - The wreck of the ocean liner Titanic was discovered in the North Atlantic by a joint American-French expedition.
September 11, 1609 - While searching for a passage to Asia, English explorer Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island.
September 17, 1787 - The United States Constitution was signed, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
September 28, 1928 - Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London.

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Historic Events in October

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Historic Events in November
November 4, 1922 - The tomb of Tutankhamun is discovered in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, by Howard Carter.
November 12, 1912 - The frozen body of British explorer Robert Scott is discovered in Antarctica.
November 16, 1940 - George Metesky, aka the Mad Bomber, plants his first bomb in Manhattan.
November 22, 1963 - American President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

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Historic Events in December
December 4, 1872 - The brigantine Mary Celeste is found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean.
December 16, 1773 - The event known as the Boston Tea Party took place.
December 26, 1963 - The Beatles single 'I want to hold your hand' is released in the U.S.
December 27, 1932 - New York's Radio City Music Hall was opened

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This Day in History

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